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How Do We Know If We Really Love God?

And How Does The World Know? Keep in mind, I did not ask, how do we prove that we love God. Are these ways that... Read More "How Do We Know If We Really Love God?"

Do You Love God Indeed?

I John 3:16-24 is about love in action. In the past few decades people have rightfully noted that love is a verb. Simply saying, or... Read More "Do You Love God Indeed?"

Are You Of God or Of The Devil?

I used to point my finger... at my brother. When he would hit me in the back of the head, or trip me or try... Read More "Are You Of God or Of The Devil?"

Introducing Torah Testimonies

Let's be overcomers. Once upon a time, I read a scripture and a voice inside said something like this, "How can that mean something other... Read More "Introducing Torah Testimonies"