The Torah Runner

Do You Love God Indeed?

I John 3:16-24 is about love in action. In the past few decades people have rightfully noted that love is a verb. Simply saying, or writing it on a greeting card is not enough. It gets complicated It’s certainly safe to say that live is a noun but the evidence […]

Hanukkah 7 – Dedication

With divine guidance, Judah and his companions advanced on Jerusalem and the Temple. They gained control back from the Greeks. Clean They cleansed the Temple by getting rid of all the unclean and profane items. What have you eaten, or watched, or listened to that is unclean? Have you tried […]

Hanukkah 6 – The Antichrist Falls

David said that he would not glory in the defeat of his enemies but would glorify God because His justice has prevailed. It is hard to hold back. It’s just impossible not to chuckle when we read the layers of retribution that Antiochus would finally experience. It’s graphic. It’s smelly. […]

Hanukkah 5 – The Hammer

Judah and his men were living in the wilderness. It was time to take back the country. 6,000 Against The World They began to recruit more followers of YHWH. They found 6,000 who were still faithful. Once organized, Judah and his army were unstoppable. The hand of God was with […]