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Are You Of God or Of The Devil?

I used to point my finger…

at my brother. When he would hit me in the back of the head, or trip me or try to get me killed by a rabid dog, I used to yell at him, “You’re of the Devil!”

I don’t know where I got that, or why I thought that would work, but it was my attempt to “preach” him away from me…leave me alone.

The truth is, I did plenty of mischief to my brother. Some brothers truly are born for adversity.

it was my attempt to “preach” him away from me…leave me alone.

Today, he is known as Uncle Wes. And he is the best. He is top notch. The best brother, the best uncle.

The prophet Yochanon (John) gave us a simple formula.

Inspired by the Breath of God, John told us there’s one way you can tell if someone is “of the devil” or of God.

By this the sons of God are separated from the sons of Satan. Everyone who does not do a just [thing] and does not love his brother is not from God.

I John 3:10 ANTE

The NASB says, “This is how God’s children and the devil’s children are made evident.”

Are you of God?

This is what we have misunderstood about Torah for centuries. We are finally, through the Holy Breath of Yah, being inspired and taught to unteach the mistakes in the past. The very instructions of God show us who is God’s children.

Do we follow Him, or not?

If we do not follow God, we follow the Devil. Following God is doing what’s right. Specifically, it is loving God and loving our brother.

If we hate, we are guilty. Guilty of what? Murder. Jesus said it and John preached it.

For everyone who hates his brother is a murderer and you know that everyone who is a murderer is not able to remain in eternal life.

I John 3:15

It is most important to love. Loving God and following His Instructions (Torah) is good, and provides blessings to all people… and it gives us a clear signal that we are “of God.”

Are you of God? I was wrong when I was seven years old. Uncle Wes, loves his brother, so I can assure you, he is of God and not the devil.

Are you of God?

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