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Can I Make My Own Energy Drink?

I have been amazed at the advent of energy drinks. Along comes something with twice as much caffeine and three times the price, and who would have thought? It becomes a winner.

I remember Jolt Cola in 1985. I didn’t like it at first.

But I would take a crack at one now. The only problem for me is the sugar. Back in the day, Pepsi was my poison, as they say. But I decided there was a reason my waist kept getting larger.

One thing that has impressed me is that many energy drinks have opted to forego aspartame. Aspartame has caused me a lot of pain in the past – not kidding. So I cannot drink Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke.

That’s how I started a “thing” with energy drinks. Just to drink something fizzy without aspartame. Yuck. Just thinking of that stuff…

“What drinks to I consume,” you ask in my head.

I have tried a lot of them but I most often drink this one.

Rockstar Pure Zero – Silver Ice

Too much caffeine in the 16 oz. can. I opt for the 10 oz. size available at Dollar Tree.

I’m not sure what silver ice is supposed to taste like but the drink is good. I cannot tolerate the taste of original Red Bull, or the original flavor of Rockstar. What is that? How did they sell any of that flavor…ever?

This stuff is good.

I like this energy drink

Really, I’ll try just about any of them as long as the caffeine doesn’t go over 200 or so mg. and, of course, no aspartame. The LifeAid brand uses natural sweeteners, which is a plus.

I have been looking at LifeAid. It is a bit different in that they have different formulations directed toward unique goals; such as focus, immunity, and recovery.

I like the recovery but I have not liked a couple of the other versions. And I do not like the price. But, I signed up online, and receive a lot of coupons. They even send samples for free.

Lifeaid is a good energy drink

What about the price?

Some people don’t mind. I mind sometimes. The Dollar Tree always has a couple brands available. They carry Rockstar in a smaller can. They also keep Kickstart by Mountain Dew. It is not sugar free but uses a blend of sweeteners to make it an in-between option for those who do not like straight up diet drinks. I so like the orange and the grape flavor. I drink one about every Saturday on my way to a walk or a picnic with my awesome daughters.

Kickstart Variety Pack

Why do I still drink energy drinks?

Simply put, I can tell that caffeine helps me with my ADD. Each morning I grab a can and do my morning routine. I have read research that supports my theory. The challenge is to keep it to one a day. Many drinks have gotten to crazy levels of caffeine. I actually think that’s a little irresponsible for a manufacturer to add so much stimulant to their formula.

I want to save money and make my own formula.

I love creating. I’m constantly brainstorming. So now I want to make my own energy drink. It’s kind of like the focus that Rockstar gives me is working to help stop drinking Rockstar. Shh. Don’t tell anyone.

Today, I experimented with this Keto Tea by BPI. I like the MCTs and Keto salts. There is a huge problem that I did not plan for.

What the Buzz! 250?!

No one needs 250 mgs. of caffeine.

I know that naturally sourced caffeine is definitely preferable, but enough is enough.

So I use half a scoop. It’s fine. But no fizz for the buzz. I like the fizz. So here was my hack today. And it seemed to work. I made the tea with 12 oz. of cold water and added about 8 oz. of sparkling water with orange flavor (unsweetened).

I think I scored. The water is about $.30 per can. The tea mixture is about $.40 per half-scoop. So, I have saved $.38 over a Rockstar from Dollar General. Not too shabby. You can do the silly math over a year and all that. In all reality, the Rockstar tastes better for that 35 extra cents. So, will I replace Rockstar? Probably not. Most likely, this will be the substitute for times when my stash has depleted.

I want to try a more natural version. If I can use stuff like real elderberry extract and sea water and junk, I think I can make a replacement.

Bpi keto tea from Walgreens
Plus fizzy water

A little prophecy for you here. I am also interested in a natural sports hydration drink. So look for that and help me out with recipes and suggestions.

Blessings. Happy autumn.

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