Hack Thy KJV Part 3 – Easter?
Hack Thy KJV Part 3 – Easter?

Hack Thy KJV Part 3 – Easter?

Get your white marker and ball point pen ready to Hack Thy KJV.

The King James Bible is a wonderful accomplishment. But through the years we have discovered little things that make the pages of your Bible look more fresh.

The word Easter is in Acts chapter 12. The problem is that the celebration was Passover. it is such in Greek and Aramaic. Easter was codified by the Nicean council. So it didn’t come around until almost 300 years later.

Just swipe over Easter with your white marker. Then write in Passover or the Greek word Pascha. Boom. you’re done.
I like a white marker for bible hacks rather than white out.
Have you tried any of these hacks?

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