Keep Up The Intensity – Hanukkah 8
Keep Up The Intensity – Hanukkah 8

Keep Up The Intensity – Hanukkah 8

This is my eighth and final post for Hanukkah this year. Hanukkah is over for most people but the fight goes on. We can learn so much from history. The relationship between God’s people and the nations is worthy of visiting on a regular basis.

Until that final victory of Messiah and His kingdom, the battle remains. You may see echoes of the past in your current country, or your current community. How will you react? Will you cower in fear? Or will you stand with your weapons and fight? Is God calling you to protect or to flee into the mountains and regroup?

Antiochus Epiphanes’ son was a hooligan too. Antiochus Eupator was his name. For a short time he hired Ptolemy Macron, who was gracious to the people of God. But he was soon slandered and removed.

Gorgias was not gorgeous in his handling of Judea. He took up arms against the people of Judea.

Don’t just stand there.

Judah Maccabee and his men moved forward in battle to the Idumean fortress.

The battle was going well and Judah and some of his men left to attend to other matters while his captains carried on at the fortress.

There was a little bribery involved and some of these Israelites allowed some of these Idumeans to escape.

When Judah came back, they finished the job on the city and eliminated the traitors. Judah, by the grace of God, was successful in all war related efforts.

An officer named Timothy brought many horses from Asia and many troops in an effort to punish the people of Israel.

Prayer is a weapon

The people of God humbled themselves on the ground with ashes and prayer.

and falling down opposite the foundation of the altar, they begged God to be gracious to them, to be hostile to those hostile to them, and to be an opponent of their opponents, just as the Law promises.

2 Maccabees 10:26

to be hostile to those hostile to them, and to be an opponent of their opponents

Citizens of Israel

The Israelites went to battle trusting in God while the Greeks were driven by rage.

Soon, five hosts of heaven, mounted on horses, joined in the fight. Two of them surrounded Judah Maccabees, completely shielding him from harm. They shot arrows and thunder bolts into the enemy army. The wicked warriors were thrown into blindness and confusion. They soon attempted to flee in terror.

They were defeated. Over 21,000 were cut down. Timothy fled to the town which was held by his brother Chaerea.

They held off the Maccabees for four days and began to get cocky. They shouted profane words at the soldiers of Israel. Ten of the Maccabees reached their boiling point and they charged. While they attacked the tower, the rest of them crashed the gate.

the gates of Sheol will not subdue it.

Matt. 16:18

The Pitts

Timothy, Chareas, and another fellow were found crouched and hiding in a cistern.

There were more battles to win. The temple of God was safe as long as it was kept Holy. The warfare was real. It took more than just cleaning it out. God’s people had to fortify it and advance to charge to clean out the surrounding strongholds of the enemy.

Where are those strongholds in your life? Has your Temple been defiled? If so, have you cleansed it. It’s not enough to simply invite Jesus in and leave it at that. The victory is more detailed. You are to fulfill your destiny. You are a warrior in the Kingdom of Almighty YHWH.

Have Faith

God’s presence is with you and his angels do surround you. But not if you are taking the bribe of the enemy.

Keep the walls firm. Take care of the widows and orphans as you keep your guard up at all times. The battle is not yours to fight alone and the battle will be won, but not by you alone.

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