The Torah Runner

Torah Is Shalom

A person who lives in harmony with God and His creation, doesn’t just feel peace, but experiences it completely. The person who kicks against His Heavenly Father’s will, experiences a wide variety of peace stealing forces. Broken Record I’m like a broken record here. But I guess repeating certain things […]

Torah Is Favorable

Do you like it when people do good things? Do you like to do good things for people? In some ways, Torah is that simple. We can be favored by God. This is the opposite of many ill-advised instructions to “stop trying to please God.” It’s not futile. You CAN […]

Torah Is Compassionate

Big Tent Yah has room under His tent. As I drive the country, occasionally I see a large tent set up in an open space. There is usually a sign saying something like “Revival” or “Tent Revival.” Whenever we see that, we should pray that lives will be changed. We […]