Torah Is Memorable

A Breeze? My life is continually in my hand,Yet I do not forget Your law. Psalm 119:109 This is something we often forget as believers. Our lives are in our hands. What? I thought we have placed our lives into God’s hands. Exactly. Our lives are in our hands. Free […]

Again, Torah Is A Delight

Through compassion, we receive His favor. “May Your compassion come to me that I may live,For Your law is my delight.”— Psalm 119:77 Am I a broken record. If so, I’m a true record, even in my brokenness. In my life, as gracious Father let me repent and be made […]

Torah Is Most Valuable

More than gold The proverb says that wisdom is more valuable than gold and silver. Where do we start with wisdom? Reverence for Yah. The psalmist tells me that Torah is worth more than gold or silver. More than thousands of pieces. Have you betrayed the Savior’s teaching? His Torah? […]

Torah Is A Rich Delight

Some people delight in their riches, in their Feasts, in their pretend kingships. We are so blessed to have the richness of Messiah and His Torah. Their heart is covered with fat,But I delight in Your Torah. Psalm 119:70 And he replied: Go and say to this people: Listen carefully, […]

Torah Is 24/7

His presence is with us at all times O YHWH, I remember Your name in the night,And keep (guard, keep watch) Your Torah. Psalm 119:55 How do we keep Torah at night. Prayer, study, worship. When we pray, our prayers go forth as offerings of sweet savor before the throne […]