The Torah Runner

Torah Is Nearby

Do you ever feel like evil is closing in like the bad guys in a 70’s Karate movie? When Trouble Surrounds… We must remember two things from today’s scripture in Psalm 119:150-151. God is near. The evil ones are far from God and His law. God Is Near. “The word […]

Torah Is Timely

His Promise Of Judgement We don’t like to talk of the Judgement of God. We often dispensation-ize it. We sing songs that tell us that judgement and wrath were for times like the Old Testament Sodom and Gomorrah… “BUT mercy and grace He gave us at the cross,” as if […]

Torah Is A Rich Delight

Some people delight in their riches, in their Feasts, in their pretend kingships. We are so blessed to have the richness of Messiah and His Torah. Their heart is covered with fat,But I delight in Your Torah. Psalm 119:70 And he replied: Go and say to this people: Listen carefully, […]

Torah Is 24/7

His presence is with us at all times O YHWH, I remember Your name in the night,And keep (guard, keep watch) Your Torah. Psalm 119:55 How do we keep Torah at night. Prayer, study, worship. When we pray, our prayers go forth as offerings of sweet savor before the throne […]

Torah Is Observable

A Better You It’s about being a better person and, yes, pleasing our King. The King that God anointed prayed for better understanding so that he could observe and keep God’s Torah. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart; and […]