Torah Is A Blessing

I’ll take that blessing. 🙂

One goal I have, is to run through every book of the Bible and highlight each scripture that speaks of Torah and helps to define what Torah Is.

I will begin to chronicle this in our upcoming podcast “Torah Is.”

Torah Is

Starting through Psalm 119, the very first verse starts us on the journey.

A Blessing

But I have been told by a dozen preachers (that’s probably an understatement) that Torah (the law) is a curse. And I would say, almost none of my friends or family have a problem with that characterization.

I won’t spend the time to go there today but I just want to show you the simple truth in the longest chapter of the Bible.

Going through this chapter, I will pretend to be a prophet and I will say, “It won’t be long before we have another blog post, another attribute of Torah.”


Father in heaven. I thank you that you love me so much that you gave a detailed instruction. I thank you for Torah in my heart. I receive the blessing of Israel. I receive the walk that Jesus walked. Grant me peace to share your love through Yeshua and His Torah. Amen.

Blessings Anyone?

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