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YHWH’s Face Will Shine On You

Torah Testimonies Part 2

Life in the family of YHWH is a life of joy and healing. Sometimes our earthly family is a touch of what God intends for us in His home. However, sometimes the love of the Father is a strong contrast.

No matter where our journey started, the joy in His family is a blessing beyond measure.

This is the story of a journey of discovery. Bless Yah that His Ruach draws us to His light.

We believe in Yeshua as the Messiahs of Israel.

My husband and I were both raised as non-denominational Christians… His background from his parents was name it and claim it.

We both suffered greatly in our childhood… My husband was homeless for 10 years from the age of 6 to 16. And I suffered a lot of neglect and emotional abuse in my youth that continued into physical abuse in my Young adult years.

By the grace of God I met my husband and we wanted to start a family.

The Holy Spirit put it deep on my heart to investigate Christianity as well as Islam, Judaism, the Catholic Church and most of the Christian denominations.

We started off listening to a lot of Chuck Missler. He was a really good teacher he just didn’t go as far into the truth as I wanted. I did a lot of YouTube shopping and found a Rob Skiba. He was fundamental in our transformation. So was Jim Staley from passion for truth, 119 ministries and Zach Bauer from new to Torah.

It was about 10-plus years when we stopped engaging in pagan traditions and started eating kosher… In just trying to implement the Torah, as we understood it, we grew.

I do not believe that the Torah saves us. I believe Messiah can only do that.

We have lost a lot of friends and family…

I do not believe that the Torah saves us. I believe Messiah can only do that. We do, however believe the Torah is the instruction manual on how to live a practical and healthy life. We also believe that no one can keep the Torah 100%. That is why we need messiah. Just because one cannot fulfill the Torah because we are human beings, does not mean that we should not strive to keep the commandments.

YHWH’s face will shine upon you.


It’s important to understand the Torah in the original language, with all the Hebrew nuances. It’s very easy to get swept up into a lot of strange theologies by reading it from an English speakers mindset.

Encouragement For New Torah Believers

Do not be afraid of men. This is not an easy road and many will mock you. But know that YHWH’s face will shine upon you.

New Directions

We recently relocated from Colorado to Missouri. We’re about an hour away from Jim Staley… We do not have a congregation at this time but we are hoping to get involved with Jim Staley. He’s currently about an hours drive away from us.

May YHWH bless and keep you.

– Elizabeth and Brett from Missouri

Elizabeth and her husband are running a small business in Missouri.

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your Torah Testimony. May the Father bless you in your new home and may you enjoy the fellowship of like missioned people.

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